Sail Kampen in 2014

Welcome to Sail Kampen 2014.
You are all invited for the fifth episode of this huge event. The history of Kampen, our century-old-city located along the IJssel River, will come to life with this extensive and unique collection of historical ships. What is more, everybody can make a tour on the river with these old ships.


Almost one million visitors have experienced the sail-feeling with great pleasure. In 2002 there were 100.000 visitors/spectators. In 2004 the number of spectators doubled to 200.000. In 2007 and 2010 it went further up to 225.000 spectators!

As hinted, you can enjoy a boat cruise and get a unique moment to see the historical city of Kampen. There will also be a lot of activities in the pier like a Sail-market, artists, attractions, catering establishments and lots more such! There will be something new to experience each day. The Sail Kampen event can be seen as a family outing because of the varied activities that will be available.

Sail Kampen has grown to be one of the biggest sailing events of The Netherlands and the biggest in the eastern part of the country in a short time. It is made possible by deploying hundreds of volunteers, the financial support of the community of Kampen, the Province of Overijssel and a wide range of big and small sponsors.

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